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We've developed a simple, biblically-based model to help each person take the next step in his or her walk of faith and move toward Christian maturity!



"The Network" is the web of relationships that exist in the broader community of which we are proud to be a part: families, friendships, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and social organizations, who all hope for a flourishing community!  

Our Outreach Ministry is tasked with building and strengthening meaningful connections within our community, with the hopes that some might become our Guests!  (See Step 2)



We consider you a "Guest" if we've been blessed enough to make a relational connection with you: you know where we are, you've met some of our leaders or members, and you've experienced a worship service or other church event.

Our Welcome/Care Ministry is tasked with helping you know that you are valued and loved here, and to provide positive encouragement for you to take another step and become Companions!  (See Step 3)



We consider you to be our "Companions" when you habitually participate in Sunday worship, you are comfortable with our beliefs and values, and you actively demonstrate a commitment to Stoneridge Church as your spiritual home.

Our Worship Ministry assists the pastor in facilitating Sunday morning experiences that will encourage you to deepen your commitment to Christ and grow as His Disciples!  (See Step 4)

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We consider you to be "Disciples" when you have committed to growing in your knowledge and love of Christ through your participation in Sunday school, small groups, and other spiritual disciplines like prayer and regular giving (tithing).

Our Growth Ministry includes Sunday school classes for all ages, short-term small groups throughout the year, individual spiritual direction with the Pastor, and periodic retreats or conferences.  Our goal is that all Christians might view themselves, not as "members" of an organization, but as "Partners" in ministry.  (See Step 5)



Partners are those individuals who have evidenced significant spiritual maturity and a responsible vision for the good of the whole church and the wider community network.    Partners know their strengths and weaknesses, have a passion to serve in a specific area of ministry, and have a desire to make a wider impact for the Gospel.

While we do have a formal structure with leaders entrusted to be good stewards of the church's ministry, we encourage every Christian to participate actively in building each other up and serving our neighbors in love.



Our highest values in this church are relationships (with God and others) and growth (in grace and truth).  Our leadership structure serves these two values.

Our Leadership Team includes the Pastor and other Partners who discern, nurture, and promote the church's overall vision.  Our Ministry Teams focus on implementing specific tasks of ministry in a way that is consistent with the vision.

The Congregation as a whole meets quarterly to stay informed, offer feedback, and hold the leadership accountable to their roles as servants of the Gospel.

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